Privacy Notice

CERTIMEX AGRO S.C. operates as a Biological Effectiveness Study Testing Laboratory, innovative company in the national market in the Mexican countryside; located at Francisco Goitia No. 8, Emiliano Zapata U. ISSSTE., CP 56227, Texcoco Estado de México. We hereby guarantee our commitment to the privacy of your personal information as our sponsor, such privacy is fundamental to the development of objectives as a laboratory.

In accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. We hereby inform you through this Privacy Notice regarding the use of your personal data collected in order to identify you as a sponsor and use of data provided for the development of biological effectiveness studies, its safekeeping and final disposal.

Without the required information, we would not be able to provide adequate service and monitor the management of your dossier.

Personal data may be gathered in different ways: when information is provided directly to us or when you enter our website, and when we get information through other sources as permitted by law.

Personal data and sample data (products) collected directly, provided by various means, e.g. sent via email with questions or comments or through our formats, can be, among others:

• Personal information.

Name, address, phone, email.

• Work data.

Position, work address, email, phone, corporate contract.

• Sample data.

Type of input, crop, pests and conditions to be evaluated.

• Bank and billing details.

Account number, CLABE, RFC, billing information.

You may not give us "sensitive personal data" data or information deemed as intimate or that may affect your personal integrity, e.g. ethnicity, health status, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, philosophical, political or moral positions.

When accessing our website, in order to provide a better navigation experience you have to know that cookies will be used; which are text files automatically downloaded and stored on the hard drive (cache) of the computer equipment used to navigate specific websites and allow the Internet server to remember some data about the user, including preferences for viewing pages on that server, user name and password.

Web beacons are also used, i.e. images embedded in a webpage or email used to monitor the behavior of a visitor, and store information about the user's IP address, length of interaction on that page and the type of browser used, among others.

Purposes of the use of personal data:

Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

• Provide required services.
• Register as a sponsor (client).

If you are a sponsor for:

• Contact purposes and communication to convey promotional information.
• Surveys.
• Answer your questions or comments.
• To receive information of interest from CERTIMEX AGRO S.C. or a particular topic.

ARCO rights include:


Grant information that personal data will be contained in the CERTIMEX AGRO S.C., databases , what they are used and the purpose thereof.


Personal data may be required to be corrected or updated if inaccurate or incomplete.


Personal data may be deleted, in whole or in part, of the CERTIMEX AGRO S.C. databases.


Oppose for a legitimate reason to the use of personal data by CERTIMEX AGRO S.C.

The Company reserves the right to make changes at any time or update this privacy notice, to comply with new legislation, internal policies, etc. These modifications will be available through the following means: publication on our website

We commit ourselves as a Testing Laboratory that all personal data, documentation and control sample management will be under security measures, ensuring confidentiality.

You may send questions or comments regarding this Privacy Notice or other issues of privacy and protection of personal data. Please contact us at:


Francisco Goitia N°8
Colonia Emiliano Zapata U. ISSSTE
Texcoco Estado de México
C.P. 56227
Tel: + (595) 9555701

Date of last update: May 2023