Innovation in Biological
Effectiveness Studies.

CERMEX AGRO represents a breakthrough in the development of Biological Effectiveness Studies, where our basic principles are: professionalism, ethics and innovation.

We entered the Biological Effectiveness Study market with experience in the field, combined with the research capacity of our staff in their approval subjects. We try to break the repetitive pattern of effectiveness studies, as we find in each trial the opportunity to generate unique scientific research and knowledge, not only to issue of a document to comply with a requirement.

We integrate our customers’ portfolio with a corporate profile that demands conducting Biological Effectiveness Studies under NOM-032-SAG / FITO-2014 testing laboratory and Good Practices.

We develop an organizational structure capable of meeting the needs of our customers, in which our response times and quality are our hallmarks.

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Our Approval Subjects.

We guarantee the safe and effective use of acaricides.

We provide important information on concentration and application rates required for achieve effective control while minimizing the risk of harm to non-target organisms.

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We evaluate the safety of bactericides for non-target organisms.

Our toxicity studies are carried out to determine the concentration of the bactericide that causes harm to these organisms, and the results are used to establish safe application rates.

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We qualified the biological effectiveness of various herbicides for undergrowth control.

Undergrowth cause yield losses and reductions in plant quality. crops, we evaluate the selectivity and biological effectiveness of Herbicides.

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We study the effectiveness of products for nematode control.

The presence of nematodes is characterized by its aggressiveness, if you do not have control in an opportune time there is a risk that the problem will worsen by infecting healthy crops.

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We ensure that fungicides meet the objective for which they were designed.

And that its application does not cause damage to the plants, in any of the treatments used. The farmers manage the disease by spraying fungicides, with low effectiveness because the most appropriate fungicides are not used or are applied with poor coverage.

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Our insecticide BE Study help to avoid the use of ineffective products.

Our Biological Effectiveness Studies support you to avoid the development of resistant insect populations and unnecessary chemical applications.

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Learn about our work process.

Our work process is simple and intuitive for clients, never leaving aside the Quality Management System and Good Practices.