We Support the Mexican Field

Leader in Biological
Effectiveness Studies.

CERMEX AGRO is an enterprise dedicated to advancing food safety; we support the Mexican field by developing biological effectiveness studies of agricultural pesticides.

Our company gathers a group of professionals whose purpose is the development of these projects as per current regulations set forth in NOM-032-SAG / FITO-2014 and under the framework of Good Practice.

Declaration of Principles

We contribute to the promotion of Agri-Food Safety and Health with smart and comprehensive solutions through support and validation of processes, services and products of our customers.

Consolidate our position as one of the main players in the food industry. Increasing our market penetration, with technical and scientific recognition at national level.


We always act with compliance, consistency and respect to our organizational values.


We act with righteousness and encourage truth in our relationships with our customers and partners.


We fulfill all our obligations and agreements, assuming responsibility of our decisions and actions.

Philosophical Basis

Our commitment is to provide our customers with accurate and timely solutions, professional service that adds value to the business of our customers. We achieve our goals with professionalism, ethics and innovation.

Principle of Responsibility

Comply fully with the commitments by fulfilling all activities and consequences resulting from our actions or decisions to our customers and partners.

Principle of Confidence

Earn the trust of the organization; carry out our duties with loyalty, diligence and transparency required by our positions.

Principle of Transparency

Carry out activities in an honest and truthful manner, refrain from simulations or deception, keep accurate records and timely disclose important information respecting obligations of confidentiality and privacy of our customers.

Principle of Dignity

Respect the dignity of all people, protect health, safety, privacy and human rights of others, refrain from coercion and adopt practices that promote human development at work and in our community

Principle of Equity

Engage in a free and unhindered competition, treating people impartially and fairly and avoid discrimination in any act of the organization.